Eyebrows Are the Big Deal

So, what do eyebrows have to do with weddings/elopements...EVERYTHING!

Most brides that stand before fill their brows beautifully.  After all, your eyebrows frame your face.  

Imagine waking up with perfect eyebrows every morning.  One less thing off your wedding list for your BIG DAY!  A procedure to consider is microblading your eyebrows.  Also known as 3D eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow embroidery, etc.  It has taken the beauty and semi-permanent make up by storm.

During off season, I will be microblading eyebrows to prep brides for their big day in the coming months.  Want to know more, click on my website:  www.alluringeyebrows.com.

I decided to return to the beauty industry after taking a hiatus for a few years.  I love making brides beautiful.  I started as a bridal make up artist and now into eyebrow artistry.

So eyebrow microbladiing in Santa Barbara is available to you. Please plan your microblading procedure at least three months prior to your big day.  Since it is a semi-permanent procedure it starts to fade within the first three months. A touch is always recommended before your wedding day.  Pretty eyebrows are our friend!