Mobile Weddings

The first person to hire for your wedding is an officiant.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.   Food for cannot have a wedding ceremony without an officiant/minister.

As a mobile officiant/minister, I get so many last minute calls because the bride or groom forgot to hire the officiator.  I just received a call this morning (Sunday) and they are having a full blown wedding celebration for 50 guests at one of our larger hotels in town.  No officiant and the wedding is literally two days away?  This is when the mobile minister services comes in.  

The couple is having a ceremony a full set up at the beach, wedding party, a full blown reception at the hotel with coordinator, etc.  Frankly, I am surprised that the coordinator never brought up the issue of the officiant.  MMMMM, makes we wonder how efficient is the coordinator.

Nonetheless, I will be there to rehearse them on Monday and marry them on Tuesday. Fortunately, for them I was available.  They will get a fully customized wedding with love story, wedding rituals, blessings, etc. in Spanish!

Another wedding that comes to mind is a wedding in Ventura two weeks ago.  A full blown beach wedding, photographer, videographer, ten in the wedding party and hotel reception.  Luckily they found me on line last minute.  We had a 'greet and meet' appointment on Thursday afternoon and a ceremony on Friday.  I managed to write a fully customized ceremony for them.  The bride and groom got a standing ovation at the conclusion of the ceremony.  Whew, another close call.

Just because it is a mobile wedding it does not mean a "wham bam thank you ma'am" style ceremony.  

For your elopement in Santa Barbara, please don't hesitate to contact me at 805-705-8069.  We specialize in Santa Barbara elopements.

Peace and love,

Alma Rose, Master Life-Cycle Celebrant and Santa Barbara Officiant x