Bilingual Wedding Ceremonies in Santa Barbara

When I started celebrating weddings from the 'other side of the podium', bilingual ceremonies were not as popular.  Now, for every ten weddings I officiate, fifty percent or more are in bilingual Spanish or full Spanish.  

So many couples are vying for bilingual ceremonies so everyone walks away with some understanding of the wedding ceremony words.  Usually, I will conduct the wedding vows, ring vows and initial introduction in both Spanish and English. Occasionally, I will interject the 'Our Father' in Spanish to appease the Spanish-speaking parents and grandparents. They love that!

As bilingual ceremonies become increasingly, so do my services.  It is amazing how word of mouth spreads among the Spanish-speaking community.  Just from one wedding alone, I got three more in bilingual.  I think I just about married the whole family.  I am blessed to have been brought up in a home where we spoke both languages.  Since my mother's passing I at least continue to practice my Spanish at wedding ceremonies.  Thank you, mom for insisting we stay in touch with our Hispanic roots and language!

Peace and love,

Alma Rose, Master Life-Cycle Celebrant and Santa Barbara Officiant/Minister x