Tattoos and Weddings

In recent years, the "tattoo" convo has become more and more popular because brides are at a crossroad on what to do with their body art on their wedding day.  One bride said she paid a lot of money for her tattoos and wanted to show them off.  I asked her how much she paid for her wedding dress and it was $3,400.  I asked her how much her body art cost and she said it was only $1,500.  In this particular instance, being the dress cost more money didn't it make sense to focus on the dress and not the tattoos since you will be wearing your dress only once?  

Call me old fashion, but the focus should be on your wedding dress and how beautiful you will look walking down the aisle in your gown. As an officiant who sees the bride walking down the aisle, I noticed that a lot of eyes are focused on the tats and not always on your beautiful dress.  I truly feel that the focus should be on your wedding dress that you so proudly pounded the pavement looking until you found the perfect one. A small cover up on your shoulders made of tulle will not only cover the body art (and probably make your parents proud) but will enhance the dress and make you look tres sexy.  Another option is to cover your artwork with makeup.  After the family photos remove your wrap, body make up and show off that awesome body art!

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Peace and love,

Alma Rose, Master Life-Cycle Celebrant and Santa Barbara Officiant/Minister x