New Year Weddings

Many couples struggle with the question..."should we do it before the end of the year"?.  Good news...there are no hard-pressed rules as to when you should marry.  The important question is to ask yourselves..."does it feel right?".  If it feels right then do it!  

A great date to get married is December 31st.  What a great way to start the year!  I have married many couples minutes before the stroke of 12 midnight.  It is so romantic and certainly a cause for a double celebration.  FYI, there is an small surcharge if I have to forgo my new year plans for a wedding.  However, weddings are seemingly more romantic than being at the restaurant with bunch a people I don't know.  My husband always joins me and I bring a bottle of his favorite champagne, Cliquot.  It is like a bribe on my part.  Nonetheless, he doesn't mind.  What is important that we are together.  

Pronouncing a couple husband and wife or spouses for life is the ultimate reward and a fantastic way for me to start the year!  I embrace the love and joy of being around a newly married couple.

For your elopement in Santa Barbara, please don't hesitate to contact me at 805-705-8069.  We specialize in Santa Barbara elopements.

Peace and love,

Alma Rose, Master Life-Cycle Celebrant and Santa Barbara Officiant/Minister x